Beginning Harmonica 2

Continue where you left off in Beginning Harmonica with Lessons 3 and 4.

Finished with Beginning Harmonica 1?

Ready for more?

I've got you:

here's Beginning Harmonica 2! 

Is the SO EASY pattern easy for you now?
Do you have a grasp on the C and G chords?
Then you're ready for Beginning Harmonica 2.

Get ready to take your harmonica playing to the next level!

Here's what you'll get in Beginning Harmonica 2:

  • 5 songs including "Buffalo Gals," "Red River Valley," and "Amazing Grace"
  •  4 exercises
  • 2 backup patterns
  • guidance and practice in Song Learning Processes 3 and 4
  •  one new chord that unlocks your potential to play thousands of songs
  • 6 vocabulary words
  • 2 quizzes
  •  community forum connected to the course
  • unlimited access to me through email

Allie Jean

Allie Jean is a teacher, musician, and mom. She has taught rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo, ukulele, piano, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, flatfoot dancing, and harmony singing in camps, workshops, and private lessons for over a decade. Before becoming a professional musician, Allie taught 7th grade Language Arts for seven years. She has what it takes to make learning fun!

Allie has managed and performed in musical groups since high school. Her projects have included The Whipstitch Sallies (bluegrass/folk/songwriter), Frank & Allie Lee (old time/folk), and The Freight Hoppers (old time). Performing with these groups gave her the opportunity to travel all over Indiana as well as Hawaii, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, the UP, the Southeast, Pennsylvania, and even France! She has also taught bluegrass jamming with the Wernick Method. At the Rockygrass Academy band competition in 2016, her band took first place! Treat A Stranger Right, an album that she released with Frank in 2020, was #1 on the folk radio chart for two months. 

Because of the pandemic and becoming a mom, Allie is turning her energy to teaching music online. In her spare time, she enjoys rewatching The Office, walking and running, spending time with her family, raising awareness for her son's rare disease, and making TikTok videos (follow along! @danielcarsonlee and @musicwithallie).

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Ken Buckmann

Beginning Harmonica Student

I thought the course was wonderful. I look forward to beginning the next lesson. I played for my family, my daughter sang “row, row your boat" and I played harmonica while my wife watched. I will definitely fill out the end of course survey, if I don’t do it tonight I will tomorrow. Thank you for creating this course!

Steve Hayes

Beginning Harmonica Student

I have probably tried to learn harmonica a dozen times over the decades, and I could never make sense of what I was being told. Your approach in the early lessons got me “over the hump” until I began to figure out enough to start to enjoy it, so thanks for that!

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