Beginning Harmonica 1

Even if you have zero musical experience, you can play the harmonica!

Hey, music lover!

Play the harmonica...

without any musical knowledge!

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Do you love music, but don’t know
how to play any instruments?

Or maybe you can play by yourself, but you’re stumped about jamming?

The harmonica is the perfect, most fun instrument for you.
Here’s why:

  • It’s as easy as breathing
  •  It’s always in tune
  • It’s low maintenance
  • It can be played solo or with others
  •  It’s affordable
  • It’s super portable
  • It’s built on simplified principles of Western music
  •  It’s a natural stress-reliever
  • It’s a natural immune-system booster
  •  It’s a fun yet productive distraction from real life!

Can you imagine...

  • Sitting with a group of musicians and being able to play along, even if you’ve never heard the songs before?
  • Entertaining yourself, friends, and family wherever you are with cheerful music?
  • Figuring out how to play your favorite songs without a book, sheet music, or tabs?

Here I am with my guitar, harmonica, and happy red shoes chatting about the next tune with folklorist and banjo teacher David Brose at John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC (2012).

If having fun playing music sounds like a dream,
I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you.

I know because I’ve been exactly where you are now.

I’ve worked my way through the obstacles,
from the first time I touched the harmonica
to playing it on stages from Hawaii to France.

And I have created a proven system to
help you be able to play music on the harmonica, too –
and have fun doing it!

That’s why I can’t wait for you to try my
Beginning Harmonica 1 course!

So, what will I learn in Beginning Harmonica 1?

Beginning Harmonica 1 is a self-paced program that teaches you how to play along with three well-known American folk songs: Row Row Row Your Boat, My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Unlike other instruction you may find, no previous musical knowledge or experience is needed.

Over the course of 21 assignments, you will learn musical terms and skills that will apply no matter what other songs, instruments, or styles of music you may ever want to play.

You also will be able to use what you learn to play along with other songs -
without rote memorization or pieces of paper.

  • Songs: Row Row Row Your Boat, My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Vocabulary: Note, First Position, Key, Chord, Blow, Draw, Beat, Rhythm, Backup
  • Chords: C, F, and G
  • Two exercises
  • Two backup patterns
  • First two steps in Allie's "Song Learning Process"

Allie Jean

Allie Jean is a teacher, musician, and mom. She has taught rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo, ukulele, piano, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, flatfoot dancing, and harmony singing in camps, workshops, and private lessons for over a decade. Before becoming a professional musician, Allie taught 7th grade Language Arts for seven years. She has what it takes to make learning fun!

Allie has managed and performed in musical groups since high school. Her projects have included The Whipstitch Sallies (bluegrass/folk/songwriter), Frank & Allie Lee (old time/folk), and The Freight Hoppers (old time). Performing with these groups gave her the opportunity to travel all over Indiana as well as Hawaii, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, the UP, the Southeast, Pennsylvania, and even France! She has also taught bluegrass jamming with the Wernick Method. At the Rockygrass Academy band competition in 2016, her band took first place! Treat A Stranger Right, an album that she released with Frank in 2020, was #1 on the folk radio chart for two months. 

Because of the pandemic and becoming a mom, Allie is turning her energy to teaching music online. In her spare time, she enjoys rewatching The Office, walking and running, spending time with her family, raising awareness for her son's rare disease, and making TikTok videos (follow along! @danielcarsonlee and @musicwithallie).

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Colin Field


Allie is a fabulous teacher. I took her introductory harmonica class online and was very impressed with her thoughtfully prepared lessons and materials, as well as her skillful and flexible facilitation. I learned a ton and also had fun. I highly recommend her courses!

Ellen Torop


I recently completed a beginner harmonica course with Allie and loved her approach. She provided instructional material in several formats for each lesson. Her warm, supportive,  and relaxed approach to each class removed any sense of intimidation that I might have had. She was able to cater to a mix of abilities within the group so everyone had an opportunity to grow. I came out of it with a solid basic understanding and the ability to play along with and even figure out simple tunes. was fun! 

Beginning Harmonica 1 Course Pricing